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Principal's Message


Dear Ynez families,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. I am honored to be the newly appointed principal at
Ynez School. It is with a warm heart that I return to Ynez School as I was a student here when I
was in first grade. Throughout the years, I continue to hear wonderful things about the school,
students, staff and community. I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful school again.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I have been with the Alhambra Unified
School District for 26 years. I started my career as a classroom aide and knew then that
education was the path for me. Since then I have worked at Garfield, Monterey Highlands, Park,
Emery Park and Ramona School in a teaching or administrative role. I am a lifelong learner and
believe that all students are able to learn and obtain success. It takes a community to raise a
child and with your partnership, I hope to foster and continue to build that supportive community
that will guide our children in achieving their potential.

Our goal is to strive for student well being and academic success as we look innovatively at
student engagement and instruction to prepare our students for college and career. I look
forward to working collaboratively with the staff and community to build strong foundations for
our students. Parents and families are vital components of our team, therefore I invite you to
attend parent meetings this year so that we can obtain your input or provide you with
information. The website will be updated and meetings will be posted there along with
Blackboard Connect messages. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or
suggestions. I value your interest in our school and our students' success.

The Alhambra Unified School District and I will be sending more information about the start of
the school year in the upcoming weeks. I look forward to a great year ahead and meeting you all

Warm Regards,

Janice Phan Ed.D




亲爱的 Ynez 家人,

欢迎来到 2022-2023 学年。我很荣幸成为Ynez学校新任命的校长。我怀着一颗温暖的



我想借此机会介绍一下自己。我在阿罕布拉联合学区工作了 26 年。我的职业生涯始于课





我们的目标是争取学生的福祉和学业成功,因为我们以创新的方式看待学生的参与和指导为我们的学生为大学和职业做好准备。我期待与教职员工和社区合作,为我们的学生打下坚实的基础。家长和家庭是我们团队的重要组成部分,因此我邀请您参加今年的家长会,以便我们获得您的意见或为您提供信息。该网站将更新,会议将与 Blackboard Connect 消息一起发布。如有问题或建议,请随时与我联系。我重视您对我们学校和学生成功的兴趣。



Janice Phan 

Janice Phan Ed.D 

Ynez Elementary School 


[email protected]